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Welcome to TBSPedia, the online resource for the Tahoe Backcountry Ski Patrol and all users of the Tahoe Backcountry!

Tahoe Backcountry Ski Patrol

TBSP Patrollers geting a briefing on helicopter protocols
About Tahoe Backcountry Ski Patrol
Learn more about the patrol and our activities.
TBSP in the News
News articles and press clippings about Tahoe Backcountry Ski Patrol.
Patrol Manual
Read up on the policies and protocols of the Tahoe Backcountry Ski Patrol.

Joining the Patrol

Join the Patrol
Introduction to the Tahoe Backcountry Ski Patrol! Instructions for prospective candidates.
Schedule an on-the-snow introduction to backcountry patrolling.

Training Resources

Avalanche Class Links
Links for our Avalanche course students.
Video Training
Training Videos for and about TBSP

Resources for Skiers

Current conditions
Links for up to date weather, traffic and avalanche information.
Links for physical conditioning, tree-well immersion, etc.
Simple GPS route to Peter Grubb Hut

About the Patrol

A short slideshow about TBSP Patrols and Search and Rescue!

Information for Patrollers

Search And Rescue
Information and Signup Instructions for the Search and Rescue Team.
Boreal Patrol
Instructions for your Boreal day.
Hobart Chalet
Chalet instructions for this year.
Avalanche Related Resources
Links about avalanche stuff.
Operations - things to fix
Bulletin board for posting items needing attention, or volunteering to fix it!.
Senior Program
Information on how and why to become a Senior Patroller in TBSP.

Learn about wikis: [Quick Start instructions from wikipedia], [a full tutorial on using wikis], and How to upload files.

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