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*Brooks Range Sled Tips and Tricks
== Rope Systems and Anchors ==
== Rope Systems and Anchors ==

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[edit] Videos for training

This page is for posting videos, both made by TBSP and those not made by TBSP! This is intended to be a resource for our candidates.

[edit] Navigation

[edit] Shelters and Survival

[edit] Snow Cave

[edit] Backcountry OEC

  • Pitching a Megamid over a patient
  • HypoWrap (video by WMI trainers)
  • How to remove Spider Straps (video by WMI trainers)
  • Brooks Range Sled Tips and Tricks

[edit] Rope Systems and Anchors

[edit] How to Post Videos

Edit this page and post your own videos!

[edit] Youtube

Original url: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4lhyH5TsuPg Wiki code:


[edit] GoogleVideo

Original url: http://video.google.it/videoplay?docid=1811233136844420765

Wiki code:

<videoflash type="googlevideo">1811233136844420765</videoflash>

[edit] Future Plans

[edit] Rope Rescue

  1. Discussion of components, How it comes out of the bag
    1. Switching from Raising to Lowering System
  2. Anchors
    1. BFT
    2. T-Slot
    3. Anchor selection (fall line, other considerations)
    4. Pickets
    5. Cordelette
  3. OEC Procedures
    1. Getting patient onto belay
    2. Hasty harness for patients
    3. Attaching patient to mainline
    4. Attaching mainline to sled
  4. Mainline
    1. Flaking
    2. attaching to anchor
  5. Belay line
    1. Anchoring and considerations
    2. Rescuer belay vs patient belay
  6. Raising and Lowering
    1. Taking up slack on belay line
    2. Repacking

[edit] Complex Scenarios

  1. CHP Rescue Helicopter Capabilities
    1. Bauman Bag
    2. Rescue Sling
    3. Diaper Sling
  2. Non Helicopter Rescue
# Rope Rescue with Trauma - consider filming on drainages above castle meadow

[edit] Emergency Sleds

  1. Construction
  2. Transport

[edit] Medical

  1. Ensolite quick-splint
  2. Ski-Pole Traction Device

[edit] Orienteering and Navigation

  1. Grid coordinates
    1. 6-digit UTM coordinates
    2. lat/long scaler
  2. bearings
  3. resectioning
    1. Using the compass to obtain bearings

[edit] Emergency Shelter

  1. Megamid
    1. Introduction
    2. Foot method
    3. Side Method
    4. Repacking
    5. In-Snow Setup
  2. Trench Shelter
    1. Excavation
    2. Rigging Tarp
    3. Creating the roof
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