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Training Officer

The training officer is responsible for the training of candidates and for the upkeep of current patroller skills. The training officer also helps recruit new instructors for Patrol disciplines like OEC and Avy, and ensures proper coverage of skills. This officer is also responsible for sending out the post-instruction course evaluations to asses course quality and student learning.

Training Officer Responsibilities

  • Pre-season
* Plan the course calendar
* Plan what courses are being offered
* Recruit an Instructor Of Record  (IOR) for each course
* Recruit patrollers who would like to become instructors
* Purchase and mail textbooks to students in November
  • During the season
* Ensure a sufficient number of assistant instructors are signed up for each course
* After each course
 * Send out a course evaluation to candidates (formsite or surveymonkey)
  * Include evaluation of organization and coursework
  * Include anonymous self-assessment of new skills
  • Ensure candidate evaluations are distributed and filled out
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