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%% COMMENT Automatically becomes the Patrol Reminder. Lines which begin with two # characters are MACROS %%

Dear Patrollers, You are scheduled to patrol on the following dates. Meeting time is usually 08:15 at the TBSP Shed, Tahoe Truckee Airport, but you are encouraged to contact your fellow patrollers early to start making a plan for the weekend. Use the handy email aliases below, or contact

The is subscribed to Sierra Avalanche Center reports for the Tahoe basin. This means that for the week leading up to your patrol, you will receive SAC reports, even if you're not personally subscribed the list. Be safe! This is a safety and best practices thing, so please don't try and unsubscribe. (Unsubscribing wont work anyway...) Mail will only arrive while you are scheduled to patrol!

Scheduled Patrols

Your Mountain Manager contact details: %% MMINFO %%


Patroller Instructions


Each day you plan to participate in TBSP activities, on the day of and BEFORE starting the activity, you are required to complete the following self-assessment to help determine your risk of exposure to COVID-19.
The health check must be completed each day before the TBSP activity.

PATROL REPORTS: Use the above link to start your patrol report **before** you start your patrol! We ask you to start your patrol report prior to patrolling so you have a chance to document your patrol-plan so we have an accurate roster and location plan for each patrol in the field.

PATROL GEAR: Patrol gear is stored at the TBSP Shed at the Tahoe-Truckee Airport. Please contact Pete Beaupre if you need directions/access information for the shed.


Remember to check in at the trailhead by sending an "IN-SERVICE" preset message on the inReach, and an "OUT-OF-SERVICE" preset message at the end of the day. Messages will be copied to the Mountain Manager and
Follow your track here:
Password: 8277


If you cannot patrol, you must find a replacement and contact your mountain
manager. You can drop patrol days on the web site until 24 hours before your
patrol. If you must cancel within 24 hours, you must call your Mountain Manager.

MOUNTAIN MANAGER INSTRUCTIONS: - Your responsibilities as Mountain Manager.
Please review the open patrol reports at and 
sign-off and complete the reports submitted by your patrol leaders.
Thanks for serving as Mountain Manager!


Upload your favorite photos and videos from TBSP training, patrol, or other activities throughout the season, 
preferably with your patrol uniforms visible! Also please include photos of other cool spring schussing, 
summer trips, and winter adventures, especially if they include skis, snowboards, or snow!

STAY UP TO DATE: Have any operational updates? Add them to this weekly reminder by visiting:

See you on the hill!

TBSP Operations

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