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%% COMMENT Automatically becomes the Patrol Reminder. Lines which begin with two # characters are MACROS %%

Dear Patrollers, You are scheduled to patrol on the following dates.


Hobart Work Center is Closed

The Forest Service wants to charge us nearly $2,000 to use Hobart this season to help pay for the heat. This has always been in our agreement but they've never charged us and the amount is much more than anticipated. I'm working with them to find a solution but in the mean time we are not setting up Hobart. I have all of the regular patrol gear at my house so patrols should come to my place- 10368 Jeffrey Way Truckee to pick up and drop off gear. I also have a spare bedroom if you need a place to stay (email me for details)

Patrol Days

If you do sign up and are unable to make it you need to find a replacement. Only if it's an emergency or the day already has 5+ patrollers and you immediately sign up for a day with 1 or 2 patrollers are you allowed to drop a day and not find a replacement.

Scheduled Patrols

Your Mountain Manager contact details: %% MMINFO %%


Patroller Instructions


If you cannot patrol, you must find a replacement and contact your mountain
manager. You can drop patrol days on the web site until 24 hours before your
patrol. If you must cancel within 24 hours, you must call the Chalet and leave
a message at 530-587-3244.

BOREAL PATROLLERS: Read this for important updates:

MOUNTAIN MANAGER INSTRUCTIONS: - Your responsibilities as Mountain Manager.
1. Print out the attendance roster from
2. You are responsible for the quality of your Patrol Reports,
   please review before signing off.
3. FILE YOUR PATROL REPORTS ONLINE. Your patrollers will NOT get credit for
   their days patrolled until your Manager Report is submitted online!
Thanks for serving as Mountain Manager!

STAY UP TO DATE: Have any operational updates? Add them to this weekly reminder by visiting:

See you on the hill!

TBSP Operations

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