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(Overview, Boreal Mountain Resort Protocols)
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=== Overview, Boreal Mountain Resort Protocols ===
;Boreal Patrol Requirement:All TBSP patrollers are required to sign-up and complete one day of ski patrol at Boreal Mountain Resort. Candidates do not sign-up for Boreal ski patrol days.Boreal days are part of a mutual relationship between Boreal Mountain and TBSP, where our patrollers regularly help out with patient volume on their mountain, and TBSP patrollers get the opportunity to work resort incidents.
;Availability:Sign-up days correspond to the Boreal NSP patrol schedule and include weekends and midweek days during holidays. Available days include days outside of the normal TBSP patrol schedule. The Boreal season begins earlier and ends earlier than the TBSP season and the NSP schedule includes extra days during Thanksgiving, Christmas-New Year holiday, and national holidays.
;Cancellation:If you need to cancel your Boreal day, follow internal TBSP procedure for changing your schedule. Do not inform Boreal.
;Questions or feedback about Boreal:Contact the TBSP-Boreal liaison by sending email to [mailto:inter-patrol@tbsp.org inter-patrol@tbsp.org]
;TBSP Vests:NSP red and black vests are REQUIRED during your Boreal exchange. ''''There are three NSP patrol vests owned by TBSP that are stored in the First Aid Room in the patient restroom closet.''''
=== Protocol ===
=== Protocol ===
Boreal NSP reminds TBSP that these are shadow days, and that TBSP patrollers should not be on the hill without a Boreal patroller. Stay with your assigned buddy at all times while in uniform.
Boreal NSP reminds TBSP that these are shadow days, and that TBSP patrollers should not be on the hill without a Boreal patroller. Stay with your assigned buddy at all times while in uniform.

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Boreal NSP reminds TBSP that these are shadow days, and that TBSP patrollers should not be on the hill without a Boreal patroller. Stay with your assigned buddy at all times while in uniform.


  1. Arrive at the Boreal First Aid Room fully dressed and in ski or snowboard boots no later then 8:15 AM. Wear a standard red or red and black ski patrol vest or parka with white cross and name tag and carry a stocked first aid belt or first aid supplies in vest pockets.
  2. If you bring your skis/snowboard to the First Aid room, leave them in the outside rack. Do not leave skis against the building or on snow near the entrance.
  3. Introduce yourself to the NSP Hill Captain for the day. The Hill Captain’s name can be found at the top of the personnel board, listed as “520”.
  4. Signing in: a) Sign your name in the Boreal NSP Binder & add "TBSP" to your name. b) Sign your name on the personnel board on one of the numbered lines (#5- -), best below the regular Boreal patrollers, with the byline next to your name that reads “TBSP” and the name of the Boreal NSP patroller with whom you will partner for the day. Do not sign for a shift in Standby and you do not need to sign for a lunch time. These times will be determined by your Boreal patrol partner.
  5. Write the call numbers and names for everyone on patrol that day on a "patrol card" (small paper card available at check-in) or on your own paper.
  6. Take a radio. It should be set to channel one. At some time after you get on the hill with your Boreal partner, ask him or her to review Boreal radio usage in the event you get separated and have to call your partner. The communication format is the same as with TBSP: PTT button & hold momentarily, <call name/number you are calling> <your call number>
  7. The Hill Captain will assign the TBSP patroller with a Boreal patroller for the day. You are free to partner with other Boreal patrollers during the day if your assigned partner is agreeable to the change.


  1. You will not require a lift ticket, because you will be wearing a NSP vest or jacket (no exceptions).
  2. You can purchase food in the cafeteria at a 50% discount if accompanied by a regular Boreal patroller who will have an employee card to be swiped for the discount.
  3. The TBSP patroller shadows and assists the Boreal ski patrol in responding to incidents on the hill. Primarily, the purpose is for TBSP to have experience responding to injuries, however, the patroller will probably accompany Boreal ski patrol to help with routine mountain safety (trail openings and closures, preparation of toboggons) and on other incidents such as controlling public who are engaging in dangerous activity (e.g., walking on frozen ponds, sledding on ski trails, skiing out of control), public who need non-injury transport (e.g., unable to ski or ride down the hill due to fear or lack of ski ability).
  4. In responding to injured skiers, riders, the TBSP patroller may assist in assessment and treatment and loading the patient for transportation. The patroller may also follow the patient to the First Aid Room and observe or provide additional assistance for treatment and may help Boreal Ski Patrol or the nurse with information they need to complete the Incident Report forms.
  5. The TBSP patroller will not participate in the following: responding to incidents injury or non-injury without being accompanied by a Boreal ski patrol, pulling toboggans or handling the tail rope, carrying toboggans uphill on the lift, and completing Incident Reports or other official Boreal forms. This is in addition to other restrictions that may be given by the Patrol Director or the Hill Captain. Although TBSP wears a radio, this is not an invitation to patrol unaccompanied or to communicate by radio at will. Rather it is intended as an opportunity for TBSP to be aware of events on the mountain and to use to contact his or her partner in the event they become separated or to use in an emergancy.
  6. The TBSP patroller may re-stock supplies that were used from the TBSP first aid belt with equivalent supplies from the First Aid Room. Do not take extra supplies.
  7. It is up to the TBSP patroller to follow these do's and don'ts. Do not expect Boreal patrollers to know your role and do not follow instructions by any patroller to go against TBSP protocol unless directed by the Boreal Pro Patrol director.


  1. At the end of the patrol day, you will sign out of the login binder and store TBSP ski patrol vest in its proper location.
  2. Normally, the Hill-Captain will tell patrollers when they are excused. Please wait for an official word that you may leave. Sometimes patrollers are asked to correct incident reports and other forms at the end of the day.

Tahoe Backcountry Ski Patrol Manual

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